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Mo Bidyut Portal Odisha: New Service Connection, Mobile App, And More

The “Mo Bidyut” portal in Odisha, India, offers various services related to electricity connections and services. Here are some of the key features and services associated with the Mo Bidyut portal:

  1. New Service Connection: The Mo Bidyut portal allows residents in Odisha to apply for new electricity connections. This service simplifies the process of getting a new electricity connection for homes, businesses, or industries.
  2. Mobile App: The Mo Bidyut mobile app is available for users to conveniently access services related to their electricity connections. This app provides a user-friendly interface for various tasks, including bill payments, viewing consumption data, and applying for new connections.
  3. Online Bill Payment: Users can make online payments for their electricity bills through the Mo Bidyut portal and mobile app. This feature offers a hassle-free and convenient way to settle electricity dues.
  4. Consumer Services: The portal provides various consumer services, including updating consumer details, tracking application status, and registering complaints related to electricity services.
  5. Consumer Grievance Redressal: Mo Bidyut offers a platform for consumers to address grievances and complaints related to electricity services. Users can register their concerns, and the system ensures a timely resolution.
  6. Real-time Consumption Data: Consumers can access real-time information about their electricity consumption, helping them monitor and manage their energy usage effectively.
  7. Online Application Tracking: For those who have applied for a new electricity connection or any other service, the portal enables them to track the status of their applications online.
  8. Customer Support: Mo Bidyut provides contact details and support for consumers who may require assistance or information related to their electricity services.

The Mo Bidyut portal and mobile app aim to streamline and digitize various aspects of electricity services in Odisha, making it more convenient for consumers to access information, apply for services, and manage their electricity accounts. This initiative contributes to greater transparency and efficiency in the distribution of electricity services in the state.

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